Why host a free Independence Day Gathering?

On occassion, we get asked by well intentioned friends why we would take on the responsibility of hosting a free Independance Day gathering for the community. Being that we love meeting new people and would not want to miss the celebration of this day it seems only logical to host this event for the South Forsyth Desi Community but we could understand why the question is asked.

Here are a few of the reasons we host this event annually!

  • We want to celebrate this day with people in our community! We know there is a big event that takes place in downtown Atlanta but the friends we meet there we do no often see in our community!
  • This is an important event in our history that we want to make sure our children understand!
  • It is fun to meet new friends in this community!
  • One of the core values of the Desi Bible Fellowship is to serve the community. We want to offer our facilities to be used by the community on this day!
  • We believe we have wonderful stories to share! We have lives filled with joy and want to share with others our source of happiness!

Alpharetta as “relocate-ville”?

Forbes magazine published an article naming Alpharetta as the number one city to relocate to in America! It was back in 2012 and I vividly remember the time and the article. The article described many things about Alpharetta that I stil love today. “Alpharetta may be deep in Dixie, but its accent is not. Of the 30,000 people who live in the Links’ census tract, 75 percent were born outside Georgia. Six percent are black, and 12 percent are Asian. Fewer than 3 percent are over 65; fewer than 2 percent are poor or unemployed.” As you well know this is such a diverse and wonderful community.

One of the subjects I took issue with is that of this only be a “relocateville.” This term was used to describe how the residents will not put down roots. We will not invest in the community because we know that we may move in the near future. We all the anxiety of the unknown.

We would like to encourage you to invest into this community and build life long friendships while you are here. We may not know how long we will call this place home, but while we are here let’s call it “home” and invest into relationships and ┬áthe community.